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The Single Multiple Book

The Single Multiple Book

A collection of 10 multiple percussion solos ranging in levels from beginning to advanced.  Each solo uses the same setup making it the perfect muliple percussion book for rehearsal space and budgets.  No more having multiple stations or moving instruments from one station to another!  Each solo offers a creative approach using various sticks, mallets, brushes, beaters, and playing areas that help expose students to the sonorous capabilities of multiple percussion while honing technical and musical skills.  Perfect for educators seeking a single book AND single setup that can be used with all of their students for contests, recitals, and auditions.
  • Details

    Bass Drum w/ pedal, Snare Drum, Bongos, Conga, Medium Tom, Floor Tom, Cowbell, Triangle, Cymbal, Woodblock, Tambourine
  • Order Info

    Electronic delivery; email to place order.

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