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About Me

I am a musician, teacher, and composer.  I perform originally, teach passionately, create unapologetically, and research zealously. 


As a performer, percussion is my specialty, though I perform through any means possible, including atypical mediums such as the use of gesture, speech, and silence.  I have even been known to sing (albeit poorly) and hold a ukulele.


As a teacher, I focus on developing the whole person through music.  I combine my traditional training in Western music with my extensive knowledge in music of the world’s peoples to create a unique global perspective in my teaching and performing.


As a composer, I seek to create the realization of an idea.  I compose sound whose shape is guided by the sonorous possibilities of our inherent surroundings.  My work results from connections of observations and processes rather than anomalous impositions. 

As an ethnomusicologist, I aim to help others realize that all music is "world music" (for the record, I argue against the term "world music" as currently used in education).  I anchor my research and practice into four domains: identity, diversity, justice, and action.  I strive to help educators implement global arts into their classroom guided by the IDJA domains.  


I share my passion about music and The Office with anyone who will listen.  I have been blessed to travel the world sharing with others and would love to connect with you.  Please send me an email, or find me on Facebook or MySpace to connect (just kidding about MySpace). 

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