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Perceptions of Time

Perceptions of Time

Many facets of the world are perceived through a singular sense. We see colors, hear sounds, and feel textures. But what sense or combination of senses do we use for time perception? It is certainly not identified with one particular sense. In fact, it is odd to say that we see or hear time passing. Veritably, even if all of our senses were interrupted, we could still observe the passing of time through our changing patterns of thought. Perhaps, then, we have a special ability beyond the five senses for perceiving time. Or maybe it is more reasonable to think that we notice time through perception of other things.
Time perception raises a number of thought-provoking questions and philosophies. Based on metric modulation and rhythmic phasing, Perceptions of Time attempts to unmask some of the means through which we are made aware of time.
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    High Woodblock, Low Woodblock, Small Jam Block, Glass Bottle, Small PVC Pipe, Medium Cymbal, Splash Cymbal, Mechanical Bell Metronome, Playback
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