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Duplex is defined as: 1.) a house that is divided into two halves and is inhabited by two separate families or tenants with separate entrances and exits. 2.) transmission of signals along a communications channel in both directions at the same time, for example, over a telephone line or 3.) consisting of pairs of units or components that perform the same machine function but operate independently.
Modeled after Nebojsa Zivkovic's Trio Per Uno, it is a duet written with the minimalistic idea of "doing more with less." Many traits of the two most influential composers in my career (Steve Reich and Nebojsa Zivkovic) are evident, along with the characteristics stated in the above mentioned definitions
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    Instrumentation: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Bongos, (2) China Cymbals, Vibraphone, Crotales, Large Gong, Ocean Drum, Nutshell Shaker
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    Electronic delivery; email to place order.

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